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DQ Holdings, L.L.C. is an investment, management and consulting firm providing services to and investing in a variety of industries on both a national and international basis.  Although its current activities are principally focused in North America and Asia, it has a broad experience outside of these areas across virtually every continent.

DQ Holdings has offices in Beijing, China


Since its founding in 1984, DQ Holdings has operated as a venture capital company, funding investments in different projects located in the United States, The Peoples' Republic of China and other countries.  DQ's principals bring years of managerial and subject-matter experience in many areas and can provide both advice for and investment in promising opportunities.  From market-opening projects to research and development projects, DQ has a history of being in the forefront.


DQ is and has been involved in projects across a broad range: Cutting edge technologies in fibers and energy storage, pipelines, power development, environmental remediations, new approaches to housing, vending machines, and the development and manufacture of medical devices.

What's New

Houston, TX November 28, 2016 -- DermaClip US, LLC today announced that the IRB-approved clinical trial has completed over half of the 32 patients using the  DermaClip Skin Closure Device to do final stage skin closure of Caesarean Sections, with outstanding results so far.  Charles Darling, CEO of DermaClip US stated, "We continue to be excited about this trial.  During the past several months had exhibits at the AORN Conference, AOHN Conference, the Plastic Surgeons Conference, as well as chosen by Vizient to participate in their show and the US Army Medical Material Agency. The use of DermaClip Internationally continues to show it to be a major step forward in ease-of-use, end results and patient satisfaction."

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